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Interesting story behind this, we have always loved working with fat. Yes, it sounds odd. We realised, fat is absolutely beautiful, it just needs to be in the right places. For example: Fat in the love handles are “undesirable”. However, fat in the breast is loved by many (and it doesn’t matter if you are male or female). This is our focus, we’ve been ‘sculpting’ our patients bodies for years, we love removing fat… and we love placing it into areas where it will serve you very well. Come see for yourself!

Sculpt Services - Women

Don't give in to aging, you only get one life.

We want you look the "best you", without using plastic. We can provide a range of treatments and procedures to make you look younger and younger as you age. It's all in the details... We aim to make you look like you have never had surgical work performed.

Sculpt anti-aging services
Doctors of Sculpt

Doctors of Sculpt

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About our doctors

Dr. Alireza Fallahi, he is the face of Sculpt. Dr. Alireza was personally mentored and trained by Dr. Bright, whom has trained some of the most well known cosmetic surgeons and physicians within Australia. We won’t mention names here… that would be rude!

Dr. Bright’s hand picked surgeons – Dr. Alireza and Dr. Zhen Xu – are ready to talk through your options and walk you through the entire process.

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We are located at 21B Bathurst Street, Liverpool, NSW. Our state-of-the-art facility houses one of the broadest ranges of treatments available in a singular location. We can help you treat problems with your skin as well as help improve your appearance with artificial and natural enhancement such as breast implants or fat transfer techniques. Our clinicians and surgeons are more than happy to consult with you about any concerns you have when it comes to the appearance of your body during a private consultation..

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