Breast Augmentation Patient Interview Series: Breast Implant Shape

Breast Augmentation Patient Interview Series: Breast Implant Shape

Breast Augmentation Patient Interview Series: Breast Implant Shape

Are you considering breast augmentation but are unsure about what breast implant shape is right for you? Have a listen to Dr Bright from sculpt cosmetica discussing the different option.

While a lot of women want to get breast augmentation, the end results they desire differ. Some women prefer a highly noticeable and projected result while some women prefer a more subtle, natural look. The different end results can be achieved through not only implant size but also the implant shape.

Dr Bright always discusses with his patients their motivations and desired goals. In this interview, he asks the patient, “Prior to your surgery, did you have any preconceived thoughts about what shape you wanted the implant to be?”

She said, “Yes, I did wonder what shape to go and what there was to actually choose from but I did want the most natural looking shape.

I have a girlfriend that has the ‘under the muscle’ implants and hers look fantastic and they look natural to me, but also the shape came into it.”

“I want implants but I want the natural look – what implant shape should I go for?”

Dr Bright goes on to explain that the shape of the implant doesn’t have as big an impact as you might think. While going for an anatomical or teardrop shape can give you less fullness in the upper pole, the biggest change in terms of the upper pole comes from putting the implant underneath the muscle which helps to hold the upper pole down a little bit and give that nicer take-off from the chest wall up onto the breast. “In terms of going for the shape of your breast, it’s the upper pole that has the greatest impact”, Dr Bright says.

Everyone wants a nice cleavage but the sides of the breast and the lower half of the breast don’t really change that much as you increase the size; the significant change is seen in the upper pole. “And in the upper pole, the amount of fullness really refers to the size of the implant we put in so if you don’t want it to be quite so full, we’ll put a slightly smaller implant so it doesn’t bulge as much. If we need to get a very large implant in and avoid the bulge, then we put the anatomical implant in”.

Our patient confirms this, saying “The other concern I did have was like you said, the cleavage part as my breast are quite wide-set”. She can now get her desired look by wearing certain underwear to enhance the shape of her breast even more.

“I just wanted the slight graduation and not the very obvious bulge so that people can’t tell whether they’re real or not. And that’s the result I got! I was very impressed.”

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