Breast Augmentation Patient Interview Series: Recovery

Breast Augmentation Patient Interview Series: Recovery

Breast Augmentation Patient Interview Series: Recovery

Recovery time is one of the main concerns when considering breast augmentation and cosmetic surgery in general. As part of our patient interview series, we spoke with a recent patient about her recovery experience.

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How painful was the recovery?

Directly after waking up, you are likely to have minimal pain and discomfort as the area is still under local anaesthetic and you may be receiving pain medication. This was the experience for our patient, “It was one of those things where after the surgery, I felt really great. When I woke up, I felt totally normal. Obviously, you get pain killers and things like that.”

Our patient travelled from the nearby town of Newcastle to receive her surgery with us and then travelled home for her recovery. “On the way home … I was uncomfortable, a little bit sore. But the trip was okay I got through it no problem at all.” She had planned ahead to ensure her home was comfortable when she returned. This preparation helped as she said, “It was quite painful.”

How much could you do the day after the procedure?

The day after the procedure is generally the worst day in terms of pain and discomfort. It is important to have a responsible adult with you for 24 hours after your procedure who can help you throughout this time and take measures in the event of an emergency. Our patient recalled not being able to do very much the day after.

How long did the recovery take?

“[It] would have been within a week. After that, as I said I wanted to move about, I’m not one that lies around, I have to move. So I made myself do it and yeah I got up quite quickly after that.”

A week of bed rest is a normal and healthy recovery time. After that, patients can return to work if their job is minimally strenuous. We recommend reducing movement and avoiding heavy lifting for at least three weeks post operation.

“Being someone who’s fit and healthy too, I wanted to get straight back into the fitness and things so I really made an effort to do everything you said of course. You know, take it easy and rest. When I thought my body was right, I basically got straight back into exercise. Ever since then I’ve just gotten over it very quickly.”

Taking the time to recover properly will mean you will give your body the best chance of making a quick comeback.

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