Breast Augmentation Patient Interview Series: Sore Muscles

Breast Augmentation Patient Interview Series: Sore Muscles

Breast Augmentation Patient Interview Series: Sore Muscles

Breast augmentation can sometimes lead to sore muscles in the chest area, especially for those who frequently exercise the region. Dr Bright explains how that discomfort occurs and what you can do about it.

For physically active women, the notion of breast implants moving due to exercise may be a cause for concern. As Dr Bright explains to the patient, this movement can occur, though it is very rare.

The patient posed the question of whether women who do exercise a lot are at risk of moving the implants if working the chest muscle. In her research about physical exercise and breast implants she discovered, “if you work the chest muscle a lot it can move [the implants] out to the side a little bit because it’s a tightening of that wall.” However, as Dr Bright explains, “If that is going to happen, it will usually happen straight away, and it happens because of pre-existing muscle strength.”

For women who are fit, strong, and exercise regularly, this is a risk factor. However, if the breasts are given time to adjust, that will reduce the possibility of this happening. “Once the breasts have settled in, the pocket has formed properly, and you’ve made that capsule around them, then it’s not going to move anywhere.”

After this process, patients are able to do all the strength training they want without risk of movement. Dr Bright does mention that the only change that may occur after is a thickening of the capsule around the implant; however that does not move the implant itself. As Dr Bright explains, “the incident of that is dropping as the implants improve.”

For those that do experience sore chest muscles from exercise after breast augmentation, the patient recommends massaging the area. “I’ve actually been and had a massage on my breast, I train so much that I do get a tightening around the chest area, and that is amazing, so that is a tip for anyone who does train a lot, it makes a big difference.”

As she points out, like any muscle the chest needs to be stretched, and massages can help that. Dr Bright concurs, pointing out that each woman is different and some may not have any sore muscles whatsoever, however, massage is an option for those who do.

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