Breast Augmentation Patient Interview Series: Who’s it For?

Breast Augmentation Patient Interview Series: Who’s it For?

Breast Augmentation Patient Interview Series: Who’s it For?

A question we often like to pose to patients is who are they getting their implants for?

In our patient interview series, Dr Bright discusses the main motivations patients may have for getting breast augmentation surgery. Of course, each patient is different and will have differing reasons for pursuing surgery. As sculpt cosmetica is determined to get to know our patients and their needs, we like to find out why they are getting surgery, which often comes to the question of who they are getting the surgery for.

In the case of the patient in the video, and for many women who pursue breast augmentation, her surgery was for herself. She said that she wanted to undergo breast augmentation to boost her confidence as well as alleviate discomfort she was having with underwire bras. “I used to get a few little cysts from wearing underwire in a bra, and that was another reason why I wanted to get this done, because I can eliminate that by not having to wear underwire.”

The implants now allow her to wear quality and comfortable bras that are more suited to her needs. She can now live out her usual lifestyle, without the discomfort she was previously experiencing. The implants have not impeded her ability to train, something she does five to six days a week, “I’ve found no problem at all training, it’s been amazing!”

The patient is still able to wear a normal sports bra with her implants as she trains frequently. She no longer has to wear underwire with her bras, nor does she have the discomfort that came with the cysts from the underwire. “I haven’t got an underwire on today, and no one would even know,” she said. She explains that the breast augmentation has provided her with more comfort, even with her active lifestyle.

The benefits of breast augmentation surgery will differ from case to case. There are many reasons to pursue breast augmentation and it’s important to consider why you may want to undergo the procedure. It’s important to discuss these issues, concerns or goals in your consultation so that your practitioner can ensure that your treatment is suitable for your specific needs.

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