Breast Implants – “Best Decision I Ever Made” Says Big Bang Star

Breast Implants – “Best Decision I Ever Made” Says Big Bang Star

Breast Implants – “Best Decision I Ever Made” Says Big Bang Star

Kaley Cuoco, better known as Penny from Big Bang declares her choice to get breast implants as “the best decision I ever made”…

The popular TV star, surpassed only by Modern Family’s Sophia Vergara as the highest paid female television actor has told Cosmopolitan magazine that she underwent plastic surgery to enhance her breasts and hasn’t looked back since.

Simple Rules for choosing your breast implants

At 18, after landing her role on the comedy series, “8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter,” Kaley Cuoco chose to enhance her breasts. While breast implants cannot be attributed to her success, there is certainly something to be said for feeling confident with the body you have and allowing that confidence to progress your career and life goals.

Take time to really think about it

In Hollywood breast implants are almost part of the job description, but famous or not, every woman should really consider the reason why they are planning to have breast implants. Here at sculpt cosmetica in Sydney we encourage our patients to discuss their reason for the augmentation and their expectations of the treatment. During your consultation we will also discuss the different shapes, implant types and the size of your implants.

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Consider your body type

Everyone’s body is different and your natural size and frame may help determine the size and shape of your implants. There is no perfect size or shape breast and we encourage patient’s to consider their body type before simply picking a cup size. During your consultation our team of professionals will assess your body and discuss your expectations before determining the breast best suited for you.

Go for a natural look

At the end of the day, the breasts you choose are up to you and we will work with you to develop you dream breasts. We do however encourage our patients to consider a natural look for comfort and to achieve a subtle natural beauty with your implants.

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It’s about feeling good about yourself

For a large part of the year Sydney is warm, sunny and for a lot of people many days are spent hanging out at Cronulla or Bondi Beach. If you are unhappy with the way you fill your bikini top, consider visiting sculpt cosmetica for a consultation. Not everyone was born with breasts they can be proud to flaunt, so for those women looking to enhance the size and shape, implants may be the solution for you.

It’s not about getting a big bang for your buck it’s about quality treatment

Overseas cosmetic tourism is becoming increasingly popular; however we encourage women to consider their options here in Australia. Travelling overseas doesn’t guarantee the same safety and standards as here in Australia. We follow strict guidelines and procedures and most importantly are available for follow-up visits. Choosing to go overseas may mean you experience a communication barrier along with the inability to see your doctor afterwards should you need to. We encourage women that are considering a breast augmentation to consider their safety first and foremost.
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