CHEAP and SURGERY do not go together

CHEAP and SURGERY do not go together

CHEAP and SURGERY do not go together

There is a rising trend amongst young Australians to seek cheap cosmetic surgery at overseas destinations…

More than 15,000 Australians seek cosmetic surgery overseas every single year, and this figure is increasing at an alarming rate. Spending an estimated $300 million per year, this cosmetic surgery trend is highly popular amongst women in their early 20s.

Thailand is one of the most popular overseas destinations for Australians, with many cheap outlets (commonly referred to as the food stalls of cosmetic surgery) offering breast augmentation procedures for under $3000.

Why shouldn’t I seek cheaper surgery overseas?

It may be tempting to jet off to an exotic destination to have a cosmetic surgical procedure, especially if you can receive this treatment at a lower rate than that in Australia. In reality these cosmetic surgical holidays can cost you more than you think:

  1. The risk of post-operative infection may be higher in overseas countries as they do not have the same stringent health and safety protocols to live up to.
  2. The travel aspect of these overseas procedures can present a range of post-operative complications- the risk of deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism is higher after surgery, and this compounded with air travel can be a risk to your overall health.
  3. Any post-surgery complications cannot be dealt with by your surgical team once you return home.
  4. Surgeons overseas may not be accountable for their own work, and do not have the regulations and safety protocols that we have in Australia.
  5. Many patients experience complications and poor results during overseas cosmetic surgery and are forced to pay even more on top of their initial surgical fee to have the work corrected in Australia.

Where can I find safe and affordable cosmetic surgery in Australia?

At sculpt cosmetica located in Western Sydney, our surgeons are entirely focussed on producing brilliant results in a safe and controlled environment. Our surgeons are highly experienced and are available to you before, during and after your cosmetic surgical procedure. At sculpt cosmetica our surgeons are here to safely guide you through your treatment every step of the way.

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