When It Comes To Face Lifts It’s About Health

When It Comes To Face Lifts It’s About Health

Turns out the sky’s the limit when considering a face lift as the number of over 70s having face lifts increases

According to a survey performed at an overseas university, the number of people in their 70s getting a face lift procedures has doubled in the last couple of years. For the number of people over 80 receiving face lifts the number has increased four times what it was previously.
These staggering results caused researchers to delve into and compare the effects of facelifts on individuals aged over 75 virtually and patients aged between 45 and 61. The studies discovered that there were actually no face lift complications among either age category of patients despite predictions from medical scientists. These results enabled the scientists behind the study to condone the use of the facelift procedure at any age as long as the natural health of the individual is taken into account. This is not to say that researchers condone the procedure regardless of age, it merely depends on how healthy of a 70 year old, 80 year old or even 90 year old you are!

sculpt cosmetica in Sydney provides in-depth consultations for every one of our patients

No matter whether you are elderly or young, we provide thorough and in-depth medical examinations of every one of our patients so that we can determine if they are the ideal patient for the procedure. During your initial consultation we will discuss your acute medical history as well as discuss your desires for the procedure to see if your expectations will match the actual predicted outcome. It is important to us that we inform our patients fully on the effects of the procedure, for example if you are 70 years old it is not a realistic expectation that you will look 20 again after the procedure.

Our thread lift procedure is a less invasive means to a more youthful you!

sculpt cosmetica chooses to utilise thread lifts as they are a much safer and health-conscious procedure for our patients. During the procedure we will utilise a surgically designed thread to lift the contours of the face and create a more youthful and beautiful visage. Using this thread we can expertly alter the position of features on the face, but not so much as to sacrifice your natural beauty and appearance. The most beneficial thing about this face-lift option is that it requires much less down time than traditional and heavily surgical face-lift procedures with still dramatic results.

Create a beautiful décolletage with our neck rejuvenation procedure…

Here at sculpt cosmetica in Sydney we believe that beauty and youth does not stop at the face. We offer solutions that can alleviate a range of problems that can arise in the décolletage area including

  • Sagging skin and wrinkles
  • A double chin caused by excess fat
  • A softened jaw line
  • Jowls and webbing

Our expert surgeons will use our gold-standard procedures to refine the appearance of your décolletage by tightening the appearance of the skin which surrounds the muscles and we will excise any skin necessary to create a defined and slender jaw and neck line.

If you would like to find out more about the neck rejuvenation and thread-lift procedure available at sculpt cosmetica in Sydney please do not hesitate to contact us.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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