The correction of prominent ears for a more balanced appearance: Otoplasty

The correction of prominent ears for a more balanced appearance: Otoplasty

The correction of prominent ears for a more balanced appearance: Otoplasty

Otoplasty surgery aims to correct ears that protrude in a significant manner to improve appearance and self-confidence.

At sculpt cosmetica, we aim to keep your overall appearance in mind during your procedure. We ensure that the position of your ears appears aesthetically pleasing, harmonious with the rest of your appearance and natural.

During the procedure we reshape the cartilage in your ears to reposition them closer to your head to reduce the harsh angle.

Why should I have the Otoplasty procedure?

Protruding or drooping ears are often due to weak and poorly formed cartilage. You might consider undertaking the Otoplasty procedure if:

  • Your ears stick out from your head
  • Your ears are an irregular shape
  • One ear sticks out more than the other
  • You find yourself wearing hats or having long hair to cover your ears

How does the procedure work?

For correction of a protruding ear, surgery is usually performed using a local anesthetic with a sedative. With bat ear correction, a football-shaped incision is made in the crease behind the ear, some skin is removed, and the cartilage is exposed. The most commonly used otoplasty technique involves using sutures that hold the cartilage in place and help bring the top part of the ear closer to the head.

Some of the cartilage will be removed and the incision is closed. The ears are then covered with a dressing. Generally, the entire cosmetic ear surgery procedure should take an hour and a half.

What should I expect after the procedure?

Our Otoplasty procedures are performed as day surgery with general anaesthesia, so you will be able to go home after the procedure, however you should be taking it easy for the first week. We suggest taking 5-6 days off from work.

Post-procedure you may experience some discomfort. We are able to control any pain with medication, however if you are accustom to sleeping on your side your sleep may be disrupted for the first couple of nights – it is important not to place pressure on the areas for a week after the procedure. You may experience swelling and bruising post-surgery, this may take a few weeks to settle down and you will be required to wear bandages for approximately 7 days. It is advised that you avoid strenuous activity, lifting and exercise for approximately 3 weeks post-procedure, light walking can start after approximately 2 weeks.

Does an Otoplasty affect your hearing?

Although the ears’ folds and convolutions help hearing by concentrating and localising sound waves, routine Otoplasty surgery will not produce a noticeable change in the ability to hear.

If you are interesting in achieving a more balanced appearance through Otoplasty, please call today to book in your consultation.

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