All about female breasts: Breast Lifts

All about female breasts: Breast Lifts

All about female breasts: Breast Lifts

Some women want larger breasts, some want smaller and others just want them to sit higher. This is where the breast lift comes in.

Dr Ralph Bright can provide a breast lift for patients looking to improve the ‘sagginess’ of their breasts for a more perky appeal.

Breast Lifts… from the beginning

Breast Lifts work to remove excess skin from the breast to lift the tissue into a higher position. Often utilised by women whose breasts have lost volume with breast feeding or those whose breasts naturally sit lower, a breast lift can rejuvenate breasts of a good size.

There are two main types of breast lifts available, a Benelli lift or a full breast lift.

What is a Benelli Breast Lift?

A Benelli breast lift (the type available at sculpt cosmetica) is perfect for those with smaller breasts whose nipples have not sagged below the inframammary fold (the crease under your breasts).

During a Benelli Breast Lift an incision is made around the nipple where a ‘donut’ shaped piece of tissue is removed to tighten and lift the breast.

This surgery is much less invasive than a full mastopexy (breast lift) and results in less scaring.

How does a Benelli Lift compare to a full Breast Lift?

The Benelli Lift is intended for patients with smaller breasts or those who are looking for a smaller change. For this reason, women who have experienced loss of volume and sagginess due to breast feeding are some of the most common patients.

The Benelli lift results in less scaring than a full Breast Lift however the results aren’t as drastic as there are limitations on the amount of tissue that can be removed and the amount of lift achievable.

A full Breast Lift is a more invasive surgery however the choice between the two really does depend on your breast shape and position.

Things to consider when deciding on a Breast Lift

When considering a breast lift it is important that you are open in your discussions with Dr Bright. He will assess your breasts and your reasons for surgery and will provide recommendations on the most suitable type of surgery for you.

Nipple Position

If your nipple is positioned below the inframammary fold, or if you are looking for drastic results (such as a reduction from an F cup to a C cup) you will require a full breast lift (or lollipop lift) to experience the best results. Dr Bright will refer you to a suitable surgeon to consult on your personal situation and develop a treatment plan with you.

Combining a Breast Lift with another treatment

Another option when considering a breast lift is to combine it with another breast treatment. The breast lift can be paired with Breast Augmentation or a Breast Reduction to result in a lifted bust of a size you are happy with.

Some great results have been achieved for smaller breasted women with the combination of a breast lift and implants, similarly a breast lift and reduction provides great results for women who have a fuller upper pole.

Breast Lift Sydney

Dr Ralph Bright at sculpt cosmetica offers the Benelli Lift to his patients.

If you would like to arrange a consultation, or would like further questions answered please do not hesitate to contact us online or call (02) 9824 3044.

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