All about Female Breasts: Cosmetic Fat Transfer to Breasts

All about Female Breasts: Cosmetic Fat Transfer to Breasts

All about Female Breasts: Cosmetic Fat Transfer to Breasts

Most women looking to increase the size of their breasts dream about an increase without surgery. There are creams that make the claim, tablets that make the claim and many clothing options to produce temporary results.

With Cosmetic Fat Transfer, the dream to increase the size of your breasts without invasive surgery or implants can come true.

What is Cosmetic Fat Transfer to Breasts?

Cosmetic Fat Transfer utilises excess fatty deposits from your body and transfers them to your breasts. The procedure utilises liposuction on an area of unwanted body fat, once removed the fat is then placed into the breast tissue to increase the bust size.

How does it work and what are the benefits?

Dr Ralph Bright has over 15 years of experience in providing cosmetic fat transfers to the breast. As part of this he works with you to identify fatty deposits in the body that are stubborn and unresponsive to exercise.

These fatty deposits are extracted and placed in the breasts where they increase the size of your bust naturally, without foreign objects being implanted. This means almost immediate results with a quick recovery, more natural feeling results and minimal scaring.

Fat cells retain their traits

One of the key benefits of this fat transfer, other than being minimally invasive (we’ll get to that shortly) is that once transferred the fat cells retain the traits from their previous position. This means that if these cells come from an area you have difficulty losing weight from; you are less likely to lose this fat tissue from your breasts. It also means that if the cells come from an area where you easily gain weight, the breasts may increase in size as part of weight gain.

Less invasive than a breast augmentation

Another benefit is that cosmetic fat transfers are less invasive than a Breast Augmentation. During a cosmetic fat transfer you undergo liposuction of one area and an injection to the breasts. This means there are no knives, cutting or scars and less down time. Essentially you experience the recovery of a liposuction patient and very small scars in the reduced area.

Two treatments in one

The other, somewhat obvious benefit is that you are getting two treatments in one – a liposuction treatment and breast enlargement treatment. Many patients see this as a full body makeover and love the idea of changes to two areas of the body they are unhappy with.

Things to consider

When considering a cosmetic fat transfer to the breasts there are a number of factors that come into consideration.

Breast Shape

Fat transfers have the best results when completed on patients who are happy with their existing breast position and shape. The transfer adds volume to the existing breast and will not re-shape it. If you are looking for further changes such as a fuller cleavage you will need to discuss the possibilities with Dr Bright.

Possible Increase

Fat transfers are limited in the amount of volume that can be transferred. While we can provide a full liposuction to the treatment area, we cannot place excessive volumes of fat into the breasts. Depending on your body we are able to increase your breasts by one to two cup sizes.

At present about 70% of the transferred fat remains after 1 year as some of the initially transferred cells are reabsorbed by the body as part of natural cell processes.


After your fat transfer you will be mobile the same day, simply wearing a firm fitting garment to manage the liposuction and minimise bruising and swelling with some small dressings over the injection points in the breasts. There will be some bruising present after treatment however this will usually resolve within 2 weeks.

Your Surgeon’s Experience

When considering Cosmetic Fat Transfer it is important you consider the experience of your surgeon. Many surgeons currently providing the treatment only have 1-2 years of experience, in comparison Dr Ralph Bright has been providing Cosmetic Fat Transfer to Breasts for 15 years. In the past couple of years a number of health insurance companies have expanded their rebate to cover cosmetic fat transfer, and as a result the newer treatment providers have begun operating. Cosmetic Fat Transfer to Breasts is a treatment that requires experience to provide the best results.

Cosmetic Fat Transfer to Breasts, Alternative to Breast Augmentation in Sydney

Dr Ralph Bright at sculpt cosmetica offers Cosmetic Fat Transfer to Breasts as an alternative treatment to breast augmentation.

If you are considering increasing your bust without implants and with minimal down time please contact us online or call us on (02) 9824 3044 to arrange a consultation.

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