Increase in Australian Man Boob removal surgery

Increase in Australian Man Boob removal surgery

Man Boob Removal is on the rise according to Dr Geoff Lyons the President of the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons.

The removal of tissue grown as part of a condition called Gynaecomastia has increased since 2005 when the term Man Boobs entered the Collins Australian Dictionary.

The condition is caused by a decrease in the amount of testosterone compared to oestrogen causing breast tissue growth. The breast tissue is then developed exactly the same as it is in females.

Dr Lyons explained in an article on that 69% of male babies are born with a variation of the condition which disappears and approximately 30-50% develop a form of the condition due to relative hormone imbalance during adolescence.

The third and final spike of developments of the condition occurs between 50-70 years of age as fatty tissue increases, explaining the number of older males with man boobs.

Why are man boobs removed?

Man boobs are often removed for a variety of reasons, the most important of which is the mental well-being of the patient as the psychological pressure that often comes along with the condition is quite large.

On top of this, is of course the cosmetic impacts as men become increasingly concerned about their appearance and appeal.

What is the removal treatment?

Treatment for man boobs is a male breast reduction which is happily offered here at Macquaire Sculpt Cosmetica. There are two treatment options that our experienced and professional cosmetic surgeons offer; a liposuction variation to remove the excess tissue, or a surgical incision to manually remove the excess tissue.

When you attend a consultation we will assess your tissue and will advise you on the best treatment option, taking into consideration your body-image desires.

If you have man boobs that you would like removed, call (02) 9824 3044 to arrange an appointment with one of our professional and discrete doctors here at sculpt cosmetica in Sydney.

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