We love Thread Lifts!

We love Thread Lifts!

We love Thread Lifts!

Our ‘lunch-time face lifts’ are the perfect procedure for those wanting to reverse their visible signs of ageing, but are not yet ready to jump in the deep-end with a traditional face lift.

The procedure is designed to raise the:

  • Brows
  • Cheeks
  • Neck
  • Jowls

And, soften lines around the mouth and nose, producing lasting, natural-looking results.

During a thread lift, Dr Bright uses a needle to insert fine threads beneath the skin. The threads are inserted in a transverse pattern, where they can be raised and adjusted in order to lift the skin to a more flattering position. Each individual thread is secured to the tissues of the face. Over time, the threads become secure as the body’s own collagen begins to anchor them into place. As a thread lift only requires a small opening in the skin, there is little or no scarring following treatment and there is no need for a general anaesthetic, opting for a local.

Ideal candidates for this Thread Lifts include younger and middle-aged patients who do not have a lot of excess skin, and are only just starting to see signs of ageing. Those patients who have excess skin would be more inclined to opt for a traditional face lift.

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