No Bra Day – An Initiative for Breast Cancer Support and Awareness

No Bra Day – An Initiative for Breast Cancer Support and Awareness

No Bra Day – An Initiative for Breast Cancer Support and Awareness

At sculpt cosmetica we are dedicated to helping women gain as much knowledge as possible in regards to breast cancer…

No Bra Day is this October 13, which is a great way to show your support for the research of breast cancer.

Did you know that this year it is estimated that over 14,000 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer? Breast cancer is the most common cancer affecting women in Australia, and at sculpt cosmetica in Sydney we are committed to helping our patients truly understand the signs and symptoms so they can gain insight into what to look out for and when to seek professional healthcare advice.


Australian women have a 1 in 8 lifetime risk of developing breast cancer! This risk has been found to increase as we age, with the average age of first diagnosis being around 60 years of age. At sculpt cosmetica we believe everyone (even men) should conduct thorough self-assessments to be aware of any changes in their breast tissue. This can make the difference between early detection (where mortality rates are significantly lower) and the risk of detecting cancer in its later stages.

How do I know when to seek professional advice and assessment?

While there is still no main cause known for breast cancer, there are factors that may increase your risk of developing the illness. Please note these are only risk factors and will not alone determine your likelihood of developing breast cancer:

  • Being female
  • Being mature-aged
  • Inheriting a faulty gene
  • A strong family history of breast cancer

It is important to thoroughly check for any signs of breast cancer by conducting a self-analysis. This analysis should include:

  • Feeling around the breasts for any lumps or hard tissue
  • Monitoring their shape and appearance
  • Taking note of any noticeable changes such as the colour of the breast tissue or any prolonged tenderness in specific areas

If you do notice any of the above it is important to seek the advice of a trained healthcare professional such as your general health practitioner. At sculpt cosmetica we not only seek to help you enhance your self-confidence and esteem, we also care about your health! If our leading cosmetic surgeon Dr Ralph Thomas Bright discovers any abnormalities during your initial cosmetic breast surgery assessment, he will fully inform you and recommend you seek professional healthcare advice prior to proceeding with any cosmetic surgery.

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