A patient’s journey through Otoplasty

A patient’s journey through Otoplasty

A patient’s journey through Otoplasty

Peter’s Story

I decided to look into Otoplasty procedures as I was unhappy with the general appearance of my ears, and mainly how they stuck out.

I decided to go to Dr Bright and the team at sculpt cosmetica because I found the whole team to be very friendly and professional, all my questions during my consultation were answered with confidence and the procedure was made to sound simple and easy which reassured me that I was in good hands. They are also local to me, have a great reputation, and are reasonably priced.

On the day of my procedure, I was nervous but more so I was excited to see the results. The procedure was much quicker than I expected and was absolutely painless even though I was still awake. In the following few days, I did have some mild discomfort but that subsided fairly quickly and was easily managed with pain medication. I also experienced some swelling for the first 3-5 days but overall the healing process was quite quick with very little discomfort.

Overall, everything went smoothly and the experience was amazing. I felt very safe, I didn’t have any questions going in to the procedure, or regarding aftercare. The downtime was surprisingly quick and wasn’t as painful as I had expected.

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