Post Baby Makeover

Post Baby Makeover

Post Baby Makeover

sculpt cosmetica helps you rejuvenate your body after child birth. We take the time to put the focus back on YOU… at least for a little while.

Post Baby Makeover Sydney

During your pregnancy and after giving birth, it’s likely you’ve noticed some changes in your body – some may be favourable, others… not so much. Commonly women find that during this time, breasts enlarge with breast milk, the stomach area looks swollen, and there is additional weight in various areas that never used to be there. While these changes are all normal to cater for your baby, they often hang around long after the baby is born, which is not always ideal for you.

Lose the Sag

Do you have areas of your body that used to be firm that are now sagging? It’s only natural that this should occur after child birth, but that doesn’t mean your body can’t be revitalised to look more like it did before. Ignoring these changes to your body can often cause body image issues and affect the way you see yourself. At sculpt cosmetica, we want you to feel glamourous again, so enquire today about having your post-baby makeover.

Mummy you Look Yummy

We think it’s time you gave yourself a little TLC (tender love and care). We know you have probably been spending every waking minute thinking about and caring for your baby, so we think it’s only fair that you took some time for yourself – just a little bit! We’ve designed a mummy makeover treatment plan to ensure you feel pampered and look rejuvenated – allowing you to look and feel your absolute best.

Mummy Makeover Treatment

The treatment for your post baby makeover includes four separate procedures to enhance your body. The cosmetic treatments include liposuction, fat transfer, breast lift, and abdominoplasty. These are all treatments that have been carefully selected to suit women who have recently given birth and that want to transform their body, so that it looks the way it did before they were pregnant – and sometimes even better! To learn more about each individual treatment, see the links below.

  • Liposuction
  • Breast Augmentation
  • Breast Lift
  • Abdominoplasty

Body Transformation Sydney

We will perform a liposuction procedure to take away a small amount of fat from troublesome areas. Additionally, the fat transfer and lift will enhance the size and position of your breasts to your personal preference. Then the abdominoplasty treatment will be performed to restore tightness in the abdomen area that is often stretched and saggy after child birth.

At sculpt cosmetica, we understand that as a mother, you are busy. That’s why we strive to provide a treatment that ensures an effective, efficient recovery. If you think you would enjoy a Mummy Makeover, we would love to hear from you!

Call today to book your consultation for a post baby makeover AKA the mummy makeover!

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