PRP for Face Rejuvenation

PRP for Face Rejuvenation

sculpt cosmetica shows you how PRP Microneedling can be beneficial for facial rejuvenation!

What is PRP Microneedling?

At sculpt cosmetica, we utilise PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) for facial rejuvenation. PRP facial rejuvenation is a treatment that has been used in medicine for over 20 years to accelerate the natural rejuvenation of the skin and even heal wounds. During the treatment, platelets within the blood plasma are activated to release healing proteins known as growth factors. The release of these proteins helps to accelerate tissue repair and regeneration – allowing the skin to appear more youthful and healthy.

Benefits of PRP Microneedling

Various people with different skin types and conditions can benefit from PRP facial rejuvenation. Whether you want to restore a youthful glow to your skin or assist the healing of an injury, the team at sculpt cosmetica feel confident to assist you. Given that PRP treatment can be utilised to restore life in injured tissue, we believe there is no reason it can’t do the same for skin that has aged – and we have the results to prove it. A large number of patients at sculpt cosmetica have benefited from PRP for aged and damaged skin, and you can too!

Results of PRP Injections

Patients who have PRP injections will often experience a variety of benefits. Some of the common benefits of PRP injections can include:

  • Healing of connective tissue
  • Increase in collagen production
  • Development of new blood vessels
  • Stimulation of proteins for assistance in wound healing

How does the PRP microneedling procedure work?

During your PRP facial rejuvenation treatment, we will use a microneedle roller to gently prepare your skin. Areas can include the face, neck, jawline, and more. We often find that patients are comfortable with the treatment and feel minimal pain, therefore topical anaesthetic creams are not necessary. The PRP material is produced in around 10-15 minutes by taking two tubes of blood from you, as if you were having a blood test, and then it is prepared into PRP. To complete the procedure, the PRP material is applied to the desired areas and penetrated into the skin with the microneedle roller.

How long does PRP take?

The PRP facial rejuvenation treatment generally takes around half an hour to perform, so you can rest assured your daily schedule will hardly be affected. Note: you may experience some feelings of heat, puffiness, and/or bruising in your face for several days following treatment; however this shouldn’t take long to subside. Within a few short days you can benefit from smoother skin, the appearance of smaller pores, and a healthy glow!

Call us and book your consultation for PRP injections and enjoy the results of youthful, radiant skin again!

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