Are you ready for cosmetic surgery?

Are you ready for cosmetic surgery?

Are you ready for cosmetic surgery?

Any surgical procedure should involve a lot of careful consideration, which is why we aim to provide the upmost guidance before your procedure

Here at sculpt cosmetica we understand how significant a change cosmetic enhancement can make to your life. That being said, we also understand how impulsive procedures can affect your life in a negative way, which is why, much like when you’re considering a tattoo, we ask our patients to carefully consider how the procedure is going to affect every aspect of their life. This is required to ensure that you are 100% confident with your choice for your cosmetic procedure. While some days you may wake up and think, “Today’s the day that I book my appointment”, it’s important to be aware if you’re ‘ready’ or not.

So how do I know if I’m ready to take the next step towards a consultation?

There are 3 ways through which you can be sure that you’re ready for treatment. There are both physical and psychological factors to consider when thinking about cosmetic enhancement. Some individuals such as new mothers are not as suitable to cosmetic enhancement as individuals who have not recently had a child. Not only for example is your body not ready for a procedure such as breast implants, but you may also be affected psychologically as many new mothers feel self-conscious about their bodies due to the drastic change. If you have recently undergone a massive change that could have caused a paradigm shift in the way you feel about your body then we recommend waiting a couple of months until your emotional feelings have stabilised.

The three main ways you can ensure you are ready besides being sure of emotional stability are as follows.

1) You feel self-conscious about the area more often than not

If you’ve been considering a cosmetic procedure such as liposuction, breast augmentation, breast reduction or a tummy tuck procedure we recommend you become alert to your feelings towards your body every day. For approximately two months before you decide to receive your procedure we recommend you keep a mental note, or even diary about how you feel about your body on a daily basis. Once you’ve completed this if you dislike a certain area of your body most days then it may be time to seriously consider a surgical procedure. For example if you wake up every day and dread looking in the mirror because of a flabby tummy or small breasts then it may be psychologically beneficial to you to receive a procedure.

2) You have considered the bad as well as the good

It’s important to not have unrealistic expectations regarding your surgical procedure. Thinking your surgical procedure will fix every body-image issue you have is unrealistic and should not be the basis for your decision. No surgery will magically fix your problems, although they can enhance your overall feeling towards your body and your confidence. You also need to consider the potential complications and realistically look at how significantly the procedure will affect your body.

3) You’ve spoken to an experienced doctor

Once you think you are ready for your procedure you can consult with one of our medical doctors who can recommend a procedure, or ensure that you have realistic expectations. If you have any final questions then this is the perfect time to have them answered!

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