Reconstructive Breast Surgery – Breast Cancer doesn’t mean you lose it all

Reconstructive Breast Surgery – Breast Cancer doesn’t mean you lose it all

Reconstructive Breast Surgery – Breast Cancer doesn’t mean you lose it all

As we all know October was breast cancer awareness month and as usual there have been a number of news stories generated regarding the horrible disease that occurs in 1 in 8 Australian women.

Here at sculpt cosmetica in Sydney we spend many hours working with breast augmentation patients to achieve their desired body and as a result of the increase in cancer patients we have seen an increase in post cancer reconstructive surgery.

Latest Breast News

American news anchor receives mammogram on air and is diagnosed with cancer

Amy Robach an American news reporter was assigned the task to have a mammogram live on air in June 2013 to raise awareness and encourage more women to be scanned. At age 40 Robach said she “would have considered it virtually impossible” that she would have cancer, “I work out, I eat right, I take care of myself and I have very little family history; in fact, all of my grandparents are still alive.”

In early November Robach revealed the mammogram had detected she had breast cancer and on November 14th she was scheduled to have a bilateral mastectomy followed by reconstructive surgery.

TODAY host Lisa Wilkinson has mammogram on air

Inspired by Amy Robach’s story, Lisa Wilkinson, who co-hosts TODAY along with Carl Stefanovic underwent a live mammogram with fellow presenter Georgie Gardner. After the mammogram Lisa said she felt ‘incredibly relieved’ and her screens came back with no cancerous signs.

P-INK the new trend for breast cancer survivors

There is a new trend booming with breast cancer survivors who want to celebrate their chest and view their achievement as a positive after breast cancer surgery; Personal Ink. Tattoo parlours around the world are signing up to offer the ‘beautification’ tattoo’s that many are requesting to decorate their scars post-surgery and the idea is becoming further accepted by survivors.

Post Cancer reconstruction options

For those who like the idea of a chest they can be proud of and celebrate post breast cancer, reconstructive surgery might be the best option. While breast implants are not recommended for those who have only undergone partial biopsies or removals they are a positive step in the right direction for women who have undertaken a single or double mastectomy.

sculpt cosmetica offers reconstructive breast surgery for those who have undergone removal as part of breast cancer treatment. This reconstructive surgery helps the many women who feel less feminine after a mastectomy and those who would like to regain their appearance from ‘before the big C’.

sculpt cosmetica has vast experience with breast cancer surgery and breast reconstructive surgery and enjoys providing the results desired by patients at what is already a hard period of time.

If you have been diagnosed with breast cancer, or have been putting off a mammogram because you are worried about the possibilities and impacts of a cancerous result on your body call us on (02) 9824 3044 to book a consultation appointment with one of sculpt cosmetica’s caring and friendly doctors.

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