Revisionary breast augmentation procedures

Revisionary breast augmentation procedures

Revisionary breast augmentation procedures

sculpt cosmetica in Sydney can assist you with a revisionary breast augmentation procedure

Not everybody’s bodies are the same; hence there are sometimes some complications that can arise after an initial breast implant surgery is performed. We get many patients coming to us from other practitioners who were not happy with their first breast augmentation procedure. If you, like these women, received a surgery elsewhere and you’re not satisfied, sculpt cosmetica in Sydney is more than happy to consult with you about your options.
There are 5 common issues or conditions which can lead to women desiring a revised breast augmentation surgery. These include:

  • Desiring a different cup size
  • Exchanging an implant for a more modern implant
  • Exchanging or removing a ruptured implant
  • Aging changes in body composition, physique or frame
  • Other complications

If you are unhappy with your cup size we can assist you…

Many women do not realise the amount of weight or other problems with having disproportionately larger breasts. It may make it more difficult to find clothes and it may put extra stress on your back muscles. Some women also wish to opt for a bigger implant size after their procedure because they don’t feel the change is significant enough. If either of these situations sounds like your predicament the diligent doctors at sculpt cosmetica will be more than happy to consult with you about your options.

The best way to prevent a change of mind or complication is a high-quality consultation
Part of our practice during your initial consultation is letting you sample different breast sizes before you receive your permanent implants. This is a crucial part of the breast augmentation process as it will allow you to contemplate your options. This precautionary practice reduces the number of revision surgeries performed and increases patient satisfaction which is our number one priority! There are other choices besides size when it comes to your breast implant surgery. Your doctor at sculpt cosmetica will discuss both round and tear-shaped implants so that you can decide on your preference. Circular or round implants tend to look more artificial than tear-shaped implants although they may also look perkier. Tear-shaped implants are a much more natural looking enhancement and some women select this option so that their breast augmentation is much more subtle or realistic.

What happens during revision surgery?

During your revision surgery your doctor at sculpt cosmetica in Sydney will remove the previous implants. Some women opt for this option because they want to replace saline implants with newer implant options. Your doctor will then place the new implants in your breast so that you can experience a new and improved physique.

Breast Augmentation has been proven to enhance confidence

Many women opt to increase their breast size because they want to enhance their confidence. Many women with smaller breasts are nervous during their first breast augmentation so they opt for a slightly smaller size than they can carry. Once they are able to look at their breasts properly they realise that they could actually enhance their breasts further for optimum proportions. Shapely breasts are one of the most important confidence-boosters in women. Many women feel empowered and invigorated with enlarged breasts as it allows them to fit clothes better and feel more confident in their own body.

If you have been considered breast augmentation or a revision surgery please visit sculpt cosmetica in Sydney or contact us here.

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