Sculpt Your Body with Macquarie’s Contouring Treatments…

Sculpt Your Body with Macquarie’s Contouring Treatments…

Feeling satisfied with yourself and your body is one of the most beautiful connections that a woman can experience in her lifetime…

Have you ever wandered down the street and felt self-conscious about how your body looks, comparing yourself to countless others? This might be the tell-tale sign that you are dissatisfied with your appearance and feel self-conscious about your body. Our bodies are the only things that are truly ours in this world. If you are not completely satisfied with how your body looks then it is important to realise that there are options available to a healthier, happier you. Our bodies have the ability to adapt to our surroundings very efficiently, therefor realising your options for change is one of the few steps you’ll need to take for a happier you.

Traditionally maintaining a healthy lifestyle balanced with clean food and regular exercise is a sure fire way to keep your body lean, fit and healthy, and when you feel healthy you’ll start to appreciate yourself more. It is only those times when even traditional exercise and healthy eating are unable to treat your troublesome areas that you should begin to consider surgical options. At sculpt cosmetica in Sydney your health and your ideal body image come hand in hand with our range of body contouring treatments. These procedures include abdominoplasty, tumescent liposculpture and cosmetic fat transfers.

Option #1 A tighter tummy could be the perfect cosmetic compliment to an even brighter you…

Tighter tummies have always been an associated with health and youthfulness. Despite this, many men and women find it difficult to maintain a taut stomach in this modern age with the availability and convenience of fast-food, computerised technology and fast-paced lifestyles. It can be difficult to maintain our desired bodies as many factors can contribute to sagging, the collection of fat deposits and unsightly stretching of the abdominal region.

Factors such as the following can contribute to unappealing and loose stomachs:

  • Aging
  • Sun damage
  • Fluctuation in diet
  • Depression
  • Weight gain
  • Trauma
  • Pregnancy
  • Extreme weight loss

At sculpt cosmetica we offer mini and full abdominoplasty surgical treatments, also known as “tummy tucks”, to help tighten the abdominal region. This surgical procedure requires the removal of excess fat and tightening of the muscles in the abdominal walls; this treatment can be performed singularly or simultaneously with liposuction to remove fat deposits for a firmer look. Ideal candidates for this procedure will be healthy, relatively fit and not planning any future pregnancies.

Option #2 Problem ‘fatty’ areas can be targeted with our liposuction procedures…

Fat is one of the common factors contributing to poor body image and perception of self-worth. In western society, excess fat is something that is frowned upon, often considered distasteful and unhealthy. Excess fat can also put a strain on your health, your social life, relationships and your connection with your body. Most body fat is located on top of muscle tissue, underneath the blood vessels and nerve endings that give sensation to the skin. The amount of fat that accumulates varies depending on inherited traits, body type and lifestyle factors such as diet and exercise.

Traditionally weight lose can often be achieved by consistent healthy eating and exercise, along with limited fat and sugar intake. However, sometimes body fat cannot be lost by healthy eating and exercise, although these ‘troubled areas’ can be targeted with surgical procedures such as liposuction. At sculpt cosmetica our liposuction procedure suctions excess fat with a suctioning device that can improve contours. We utilise tumescent liposculpture treatment, using a special fluid to aid fat removal, numb the treatment area and minimise bleeding. During the procedure you will be under a local or general anaesthesia, depending on the size of the targeted area. A small incision will be made and a cannula will be inserted, with a back and forth motion, to remove the fat. After a few weeks these fat pockets will smoothen out and you will reap the benefits of a tighter and more toned you.

Option #3 Fat is not all bad – take advantage of what you have with a cosmetic fat transfer…

When considering your options (especially for fat removal) it is important to note that you can turn your negative into a positive. If you are experiencing the result of a life well lived, such as loss of youthful plumpness we can help you because at sculpt cosmetica we offer cosmetic fat transfers. This surgical procedure takes advantage of the fat in troubled areas by re-injecting it into areas that need a bit more volume to remedy a flat or aged appearance. Problem areas including the thighs, arms, stomach, chin and back are all popular areas for fat extraction. Fat transfers can be injected into areas of depression in the cheek – addressing contour deformities, deep lines, and facial wrinkles. They can also enhance the breasts, lips, hands, and cheeks.

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