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Body Contouring Sydney

Our body contouring procedures are designed to help you achieve a beautiful silhouette. Many of our patients choose to combine multiple surgeries or non-invasive procedures in order to achieve an overall body image that they are happy and confident with. For example, you may wish to combine a facial thread lift along with liposuction and fat transfer. Our full range of procedures can be seen below:

Brazilian Butt Lift

The BBL is a fantastic procedure if you are looking to remove some body fat but you also wish you had bigger, rounder, plumper buttocks! The idea behind this procedure is to remove fat from undesired areas and place this fat into the muscle of your buttocks. This way the buttock muscle will hold shape nicely but will be much larger, providing a very nice round appearance. The size of the buttocks depends on the patient – you can choose how big or how small you wish to have it, just as long as you have enough fat available.

Breast Enlargement Fat Transfer

Fat transfer is ultimately how the Brazilian Butt Lift came in. We simply take fat from areas of your body you don’t like before placing the unwanted fat into areas where you will love it!

The best examples include under the eyes, back of the hands, buttocks, breasts, to improve depth of scars, and more.

Traditional Liposuction

When we gain weight, our fat cells enlarge but do not change in number. Think of it like this – your fat cells are containers, and when you put weight on, these containers fill up with oil. When you lose weight, the oil drains from the container. When we perform liposuction, we actually remove these containers to reduce fat cells.


The VASERlipo procedure differs from traditional liposuction as it uses ultrasonic shock waves to break apart the fat cells as well as any fibrous tissue. The VASERlipo also allows us to come very close to the skin layer without damage. Due to this, patient results are often better and higher definition compared to traditional liposuction.


Sclerotherapy involves treating varicose or spider veins by injecting a solution to collapse the vein. Patients may see an improvement with just 1 session. This treatment has been proven to be extremely safe and effective.

sculpt cosmetica offers a wide breadth of treatments to help improve your physical appearance. At our Sydney cosmetic surgical clinic, Dr. Ralph Bright can guide you through our various treatment options in a compassionate and caring environment where your health and desires are our highest priority. Your journey with us will begin with your initial consultation where one of our surgeons or clinicians will guide you through the different components of your procedure so that you fully understand the treatment. We will also describe what will be required of you during aftercare and what can be expected.

Body Contouring Sydney

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