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Buttock Contour Correction / Buttock Enhancement  in Sydney

The Buttocks Contour Correction procedure (BCC) is also known  as buttock enhancement. This procedure mainly involves contouring the lines that lead to the buttocks.  There main areas of interest are the love handles and lower back. We simply remove the fat from these parts of your body, contour the area nicely, then inject some of the fat into the buttocks. This procedure isn’t about having the largest buttocks you could imagine, it’s about being more feminine. Having beautiful ‘lady curves’ just the way you deserve.  Fat transfer to buttocks has become a trusted and reliable procedure in Australia and worldwide due to its compatibility with the body and minimal risks and complications.

At sculpt cosmetica, located in Sydney, we prefer to use your own fat to accentuate your bum, because it’s more precise, gives a more natural look, and it can’t rotate like implants.

Steps in the Buttock Contour Correction Procedure

There are two main steps involved in the Buttock Contour Correction procedure, both of which are completed in the same session. This means your treatment will be completed in our surgical theatre in the one day.

Step 1

To enhance the hips and buttocks, we first anesthetize the entire area where we need to remove the fat. This is typically around the love handles and the lower back. However, we can always extend this to other areas such as the abodmen, mid-back and/or thighs. Remember, every patient is different, therefore we will tailor the treatment to suit you. By removing the fat, we will shrink the surrounding area and provide clean leading lines to accentuate your buttocks.

Step 2

Once the liposuction is complete, we prepare and purify the fat for transfer to the buttocks. At this stage, one of our doctors then re-injects the fat back into the most suitable positions within the buttocks to create the result you discussed in your consultation.

The fat can be transferred into the hips for a smooth curvaceous appeal or different areas of the buttocks to contour your glutes, this is how we achieve the shape you deserve.

Frequently Asked Questions

From ‘what is the buttock contour correction recovery time?’ through to ‘will I be left with scars?’, here are the most frequently asked questions we’re asked regarding the Buttock Contour Correction surgery.

Am I a suitable candidate for a Buttock Contour Correction?

The short answer is, if you have fat in your lower back or love handles and you that you wish to remove, and you wish to have a much nicer buttock curve . Then yes! (as long as you are a healthy individual)

The best candidates for the butt contour correction surgery in Australia are those who have a moderate amount of excess fat in localised areas. This shouldn’t be seen as a weight loss treatment and is best suited to those living a healthy lifestyle.

Is it really just one procedure?

The majority of patients should achieve their desired result in one buttock enhancement procedure, however we must note that some will need to re-visit us at our Sydney clinic for top-up injections once the results have settled and natural cell loss occurs.

Is the result immediate and will it remain forever?

There should be immediate results present after a Buttock contour correction. However, due to the nature of treatment, there will also be some level of swelling involved. Once this settles, the remaining shape will be very close to the final result.

With all fat transfers, there is a percentage of cell loss (around 20%) which can marginally impact the end result. This is taken into consideration with the initial transfer amount.

Once there is good blood supply in the transfer area, the fat has the potential to last a long time.

What if I don’t have enough fat?

Some patients won’t have enough fat on their body to be used for a buttock fat transfer procedure. In this case, we can discuss healthy ways in which you can gain just enough weight in order to be a candidate for the buttock contour correction procedure.

Will I be left with scars?

There will be some small scars left, however these should fade over time. This is due to the small incisions needed for liposuction and transfer. Initially, these may be a little discoloured and raised. They are often extremely small, approximately 1 to 2 cm wide.

What is the buttock contour correction recovery time?

Similar to that of liposuction, your recovery period will involve wearing a compression garment and avoiding applying too much pressure to the area for long periods of time. Specific post-operative care BCC recovery tips and instructions will be provided during your consultation at our Sydney clinic.

Buttock Contour Correction Cost

Typical costs to perform a BCC procedure is $7,500* 

*These are typical costs, for the average person it should not change. However, every patient is different, these prices may change per patient scenario.

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