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Male Breast Reduction Sydney

Male breast reduction is typically used to help men suffering from Gynaecomastia experience a flatter, firmer chest…

Gynaecomastia is a common condition in men that can occur from birth, during puberty and even in later years. It affects the gland tissue of the male breast, which enlarges due to a hormonal imbalance – mainly a larger amount of the female hormone estrogen. When this hormone is more abundant than the male hormone, testosterone, the male breast glands begin to grow, which results in Gynecomastia.

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This condition, most commonly caused by hormonal imbalance, can lead to feelings of extreme self-consciousness and affect your enjoyment of everyday life, such as activities like going to the beach. Our patients have also stated that being diagnosed with Gynecomastia has made them feel emasculated when it comes to the appearance of their own body.

Here at sculpt cosmetica in Sydney, we understand your body image concerns, which is why we offer male breast reduction. During your initial consultation, we will attentively listen to your concerns and explain to you the procedure.

Our Sydney cosmetic surgeons can help remove this excess tissue

Our experienced and professional cosmetic surgeons can use either a liposuction technique to remove excess fatty tissue around the male breast, or a surgical incision to manually remove any excess tissue. Your surgeon will be able to advise which technique would best suit your needs during your initial consultation after an in-depth analysis of the tissue, taking into consideration your body-image desires.

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Male Breast Reduction Sydney

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