Sculpted Chest. Goodbye 'Man Boobs'

Gynecomastia, solving it can be simple.

It's as simple as this black & white banner.

Say goodbye to 'Man Moobs'

Say goodbye to 'Man Moobs'

We Sculpt Men.

Cosmetic procedures are no longer “a women’s game”. Regardless of your gender, we share the same body compositions, that is;

|  F A T  |  M U S C L E  |  S K I N  |

Now more than ever, there are more cosmetic surgery options focused towards men’s needs specifically. And with a surge in popularity for a few key treatments, the team at Sculpt in Sydney have become the go-to for everything from liposuction to male breast reduction known as ‘man boobs’ or gynecomastia.

For men, we can remove your unwanted fat, and we can use it to bulk up areas that you wish were fuller.

If you have loose skin, for example around your face and neck, we can either remove the loose skin or tighten it, therefore providing you with a much nicer and cleaner appearance.

O U R  | F O C U S |

On the male body, we focus on

  • Liposuction: the art of removing fat from undesired areas, then….
  • Fat Transfer: refinement procedure, whereby we can transfer your unwanted fat to fill up and bulk – out areas of your body that you need.

Our Treatments Include:






Thread Lift,

Anti Wrinkle Treatment,

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