Advantages of Male Breast Reduction

The advantages of Male Breast Reduction Surgery

Designed to enhance the appearance of the breast area, and to minimise breast tissue in men, Male Breast Reduction Surgery is a treatment which has been known to enhance self-confidence dramatically. Whether it’s to be shirtless at the beach, locker room, or just to have a sleeker silhouette in a shirt, this surgery is made for the man who feels unhappy with their body.

Male Breast Reduction Surgery is designed to:

  • Minimise the amount of excess breast tissue to restore the chest back to a normal size
  • Assess and revise nipple placement and size as well as any droopiness
  • Analyse the breast tissue to determine best course of treatment for the best result
  • Restore the male breast area with minimal downtime and scarring
  • Achieve a more defined and firmer appearance
  • Increase self-confidence for all clients.

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