Double Chin Removal – For Men.

Either due to weight gain, aging or even genetics, men can develop a double chin. But, you don’t need to live with it.

At Sculpt, we can remove your double chin. It’s straight forward, and the fat removed… is permanently gone.

We use liposuction to take away the excess fat from the area. This will provide a permanent fat reduction result. For many patients, this will change the structure of a mans face to be sharper and cleaner.

If you have excess skin, we can “lift” some of this skin with threads that are  inserted under the skin. This is known as a “Thread Lift” procedure, it is safe, simple and relatively quick. Combination of both of these procedures will tighten and revitalise the neck and chin at the same time.

With this procedure as well as a combination of a thread lift, we can address many concerns such as;

  • Skin that has become saggy due to age
  • Wrinkles that occur due to excess skin, aging skin or creases
  • A double chin caused by excess fat
  • A softened jaw line
  • Jowls and webbing

Before and After Photos

Real People, Real Results.

Double Chin and Neck Rejuvenation Cost

The typical cost of liposuction for a double chin removal is $2,900*

  • If you would like to extend the liposculpt procedure to your;
    • Jawline and jowls, this will add an extra $1,200*
    • Neck, will add an extra $1,100*

We can combine all 3 of these areas in a single treatment, the total price will be $4,500*.

  • Thread lift procedure mentioned above is $3,500*.
    Full Neck, Chin, Jawline liposuction + Thread lift:  Total cost is $7,300*

*These are typical costs, for the average person it should not change. However, every patient is different, these prices may change per patient scenario.

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