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Fat Removal via Liposuction

Fat Removal via LiposuctionAs men, unfortunately we can get the typical “beer belly” or even the common love handles. Not to worry though, we can remove this fat permanently.  It’s important to understand, when we gain weight, our fat cells enlarge but do not change in number. Think of it like this – your fat cells are containers, and when you put weight on, these containers fill up with oil. When you lose weight, the oil drains from the container. When we perform liposuction, we actually remove these containers all together. They can’t grow back!


VASERlipoThe VASERlipo procedure is an additional step just before we perform traditional lipo.  VASERlipo is very useful for men because we tend to have a lot of fibrous tissue. At Sculpt, we use the VASER machine to send ultrasonic shock waves to break apart the fat cells, as well as any fibrous tissue. The VASERlipo also allows us to come very close to the skin layer without damage. Due to this, patient results are often better and higher definition compared to traditional liposuction.

Gynecomastia (Man boob) Reduction

Gynecomastia (Man boob) ReductionAt our Sydney clinic, we offer two surgery options for male breast reduction:

  • Liposuction – Considered the less invasive option, liposuction is the fastest way to remove excess fat and tissue via a small incision in each breast. There’s minimal downtime involved, and very minimal scarring. We are able to use either thetraditional method of liposuction or we can use VASER assisted liposuction for more stubborn fat.
  • Excision – For the more extreme cases of Gynecomastia, surgery may be required. By creating two surgical incisions, the surgeon has the ability to remove more of the gland tissue to ensure a flatter, firmer chest.


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