Micro Needling Pigmentation

Discover a refreshed, smoother and more refined visage with our micro needling technique…

Do you feel self-conscious about scarring on your face and body such as those that are caused by acne, burns and abrasions? Many people are self-conscious about their scarring because they believe it distracts from their beautiful or handsome appearance.

Not only are scars an aesthetic issue, many women also find that scarring on the face affects their ability to apply makeup evenly which can in turn affect the way their professional appearance is portrayed. Luckily, sculpt cosmetica in Sydney offers a cosmetic treatment that can reduce the appearance of scars and restore the smoothness of your skin.

The Micro Needling technique…

Micro needling is a technique where our experienced surgeons use tiny needles to reduce scarring on the skin, such as surgical, pitted, indented and raised scars. During your initial consultation we will analyse the type and texture of your scar to determine the correct technique in order to reduce the appearance of it.

The procedure itself utilises hundreds of tiny pin pricks. This technique effectively activates your body’s healing process, stimulating reparative cells to reduce the visibility of your scar tissue. Once this is complete we will then apply a special restorative cream that will help this process even after the skin heals.

How does micro needling work?

Micro needles penetrate the skin layer to create tiny channels through which our restorative creams may penetrate. These channels will close within 90 minutes, fully restoring the body’s natural defences. Meanwhile the active ingredients from the creams will be acting in and under the skin to create a lasting effect.

After the procedure you should experience an improved skin texture and the scarred area should blend more flawlessly with the unaffected area of skin. If you have any concerns about the procedure please do not hesitate to ask your cosmetic surgeon at sculpt cosmetica in Sydney.

Micro Needling Pigmentation Sydney

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