Improve the appearance of your neck and décolletage

Neck Rejuvenation Sydney

Smooth, tighten and revitalise your neck with the help of sculpt cosmetica…

sculpt cosmetica offers neck rejuvenation that aims to smooth, tighten and revitalise the neck. Do you try and stick to high-necked tops and scarves in an attempt to conceal your neck and décolletage? Many people feel self-conscious about the appearance of their neck due to sagginess, wrinkles or excess skin and fat. This condition can derail your confidence and significantly limit your wardrobe choices, which is why sculpt cosmetica in Sydney is passionate about our neck rejuvenation surgery.

Our neck rejuvenation procedure can be utilised to address a range of concerns, including:


  • Skin that has become saggy due to age
  • Wrinkles that occur due to excess skin, aging skin or creases
  • A double chin caused by excess fat
  • A softened jaw line
  • Jowls and webbing

Many people lose the tautness in their neck as a result of aging skin that has lost its elasticity due to sun damage, loss of regenerative cells, or excess weight and skin. In order to enhance the supple and taut appearance of the neck, our highly experienced surgeons tighten the key muscles and excise any excess skin to craft a defined jaw and neck line.

Neck Rejuvenation Sydney

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