Pip Implants Warning

We have received numerous enquiries from women and we would like to assure all our patients that Dr Bright has NEVER USED PIP IMPLANTS!

PIP breast implants are medical devices manufactured by a French company, Poly Implant Prothèse (PIP). PIP breast implants are known to have been used in Australia from September 1999 until April 2010, when non-implanted PIP breast implants were recalled from the market following advice from the French regulator (AFSSAPS) that in making these devices the manufacturer had used unapproved materials which may affect their safety and performance.

The Therapeutic Goods Administration estimates that 12,300 PIP implants were sold in Australia between 1998 and 2010, although the numbers do not account for the countless women who had these implants inserted in procedures performed overseas. Our clinic has only used implants of the highest standards reputable companies.

Here at sculpt cosmetica in Sydney we are passionate, not only about improving your appearance, but also about make sure that you are safe and healthy after our procedures. In order to ensure this we use only the highest grade cosmetic surgical equipment and materials, which is especially important when you’re inserting these materials into your body, such as breast implants. As leaders in the Australian cosmetic surgery industry sculpt cosmetica adheres to all Australian standards of surgical practice, which includes the quality control of their breast implants. We ensure that we use only safe and durable implants which have strong global and national rapport.

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