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Vein Removal Sydney

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Highly prevalent amongst women, varicose veins are primarily caused by oestrogen, prolonged periods of standing, obesity and genetic factors. Varicose and spider veins are generally a result of the high pressure generated by dysfunctional veins. If you work in a career that requires extended periods of sitting or standing, then you are at much higher risk of developing ineffective veins. Varicose veins generally form because the valves through which blood is pushed back up the legs become ineffective at opening and closing properly. This can result in blood pooling in a particular area, causing pain and discomfort as well as unsightly and painful venous ulcers if left untreated.

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Our innovative alternative to traditional vein stripping…

At sculpt cosmetica, our surgeons utilise Doppler ultrasound technology to locate the high-pressure points throughout the veins. The team at our Sydney cosmetic surgery will target the largest veins to the smallest veins running from the groin towards the toes with sclerotherapy injections to effectively eliminate the unsightly appearance of these veins without the need for surgery.

What is Sclerotherapy?

Sclerotherapy involves injecting a solution into the damaged vein. The solution irritates the inside of the vein and causes the walls of the vein to swell and injures its cells and lining, triggering the body’s natural healing process. If the vein is correctly treated, the body will work to remove the fibrotic vein over the next 2-12 months, depending on the size of the vein. In order to encourage the healing process, compression garments are used to promote the walls of the veins to scar together – this helps to keep the blood from pooling within the veins. The compression garments are worn continuously for the first week, and during the day for the second week after treatment.


Compression stockings must be worn continuously for the first week, even when in the bath or shower. If the stockings are removed in this time, it is possible for blood to re-enter the vein, opening the vein up and causing the treatment to potentially fail. The compression stockings are then worn for a further week but may be removed to shower and sleep. It is important to walk for an hour each day after sclerotherapy. Flying and long-distance driving should be avoided in the first week. If you go to see a doctor or dentist or visit a hospital for treatment, you must tell them that you have undergone the treatment. Your doctor at sculpt cosmetica will go into further detail in regards to care instructions during your consultation.

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Vein Removal Sydney

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